Travel & Fun

Trujillo, nicknamed “City of Eternal Spring” – is one of the major tourist destinations in South America. It is an excellent place to travel to or live in, because it is in Andean country, alive with traditional cultural activities. Experience first hand how Peru’s rich history effects daily life, see its lush natural beauty, and visit the mysterious and magnificent ruins of the Incas.

Leisure Time

At Horizon Peru we do more than just work.  We always find time to relax and enjoy ourselves. We understand that during the time you are here, you want to do more than just volunteer – you want to explore all that a foreign country has to offer! Below is a list of just a few fun things you can do during your stay in Trujillo. If you come to work with us, you can expect to not only improve the lives of others, but also find exciting and unforgettable experiences that you’ve never had before.

  • Take surf and sandboarding lessons at Huanchaco Beach
  • Take day trips in and around Trujillo
  • Visit the Incan Ruins (Chan Chan, Huaca de la Luna, and much more)
  • Hike the nearby mountains
  • Take cooking classes (learn how to prepare Ceviche – Peru’s national dish – plus other traditional Peruvian dishes)
  • Take dancing classes (Salsa, Merengue, Marinera, Festejo, etc.)
  • Shop at Trujillo’s bustling mercado central

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